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Instagram Hidden Face Pose Ideas

Hidden face pose selfies

Are you looking for some inspiration for good Instagram Hidden Face Pose ideas? If the answer to that question is yes, then you have arrived at the right place. We have curated a list of different Instagram Hidden Face poses that are sure to be of your liking and will be easy to follow. These poses look natural and professional and are sure to bring you a lot of likes. So without wasting any time, here is our list of Instagram Hidden Face Pose Ideas:

Instagram hidden face pose #1: Cover with hand

Girl hiding face

In the Instagram hidden face pose above, you simply have to use your palm in a way to cover up your face. Here, you can choose to cover up your entire face, or just some part of it. No matter what route you decide to do it, you can tell that it looks professional if done with a scenic background, and is really simple to perform.

Instagram hidden face pose #2: Half-way cover with hand

Girl covering face half

In Instagram hidden face pose #1, the subject was covering her face entirely. In this pose, you can see the girl has used her hand to cover some portion of her face. This is another good Instagram hidden face pose option that is easy to perform and has an aesthetic appeal.

Instagram hidden face pose #3: Turn around

In this pose, you simply have to turn away from the camera, and your face is completely hidden. You need not worry about posing a smile or worrying about how wide your eyes are open. Just turn around and have someone take this unique picture of yours. One tip here is to have a scenic background as it will add to the overall appeal of the picture and tells people that you are a creative soul that loves travelling.

Instagram hidden face pose #4: The silhouette

Girl Silhouette

This next one is super creative! All you have to do is position the camera in such a way that the natural light enters the lens from behind you. Then strike a fun or weird pose and that’s it! Your face will be completely hidden and your viewers will be able to distinguish you from your body frame.

Instagram hidden face pose #5: Use an emoji

Girl hiding face with emoji

In this next one, you simply take a normal selfie, and then use your phone or Instagram’s editor to add in a selfie of your choice. One advantage of using this hidden face pose is that you can use an emoji that matches your current moods, or surroundings. So, get creative with it!

Instagram hidden face pose #6: The mask special

Mask Selfie

Although the masks were uncomfortable and made it difficult to breathe during the onset of the Covid-19 virus, we can agree that it did add to our aesthetics by covering up half of our face. Thanks to these masks, here is the next Instagram hidden face post that you can make use of. Choose a mask that has some sort of pattern, or even better, a message that you would like to communicate with your audience, and then click away. Our tip is to smile naturally as the squinting eyes with the mask look very attractive.

Instagram hidden face pose #7: Use your phone

Another simple pose that hides your face nicely is by taking one of the mirror selfies using your phone. Add in some cool effects like the cat ears in the pic above to give your picture an element of personalization. Other than that, use a filter, make sure the lighting is aesthetic, and you’re all set your great next picture!

Instagram hidden face pose #8: Keep half your face out

half selfie

With this one, you just leave out half of your face from the frame. Which half you choose is up to you and you can get really creative here. You can also use this Instagram hidden face pose to show off your beautiful smile, your shining set of pearly whites, or your attractive eyes. You can also use this pose to show off your make up skills, earrings, or any other piercings you may have done.

Instagram hidden face pose #9: Use a random object

Next up, use a random object lying around your home. If not possible, you can go outdoors to look for an aesthetic leaf like in the picture above and just cover up half your face. It’s a great hidden face pose!

Instagram hidden face pose #10: The side profile

side selfie

Use this hidden face pose to show off your best side. Turn things up a few notches by using filters and having unique elements in the pictures like the earrings above. 

Instagram hidden face pose #11: The side profile with cover

In continuation with Instagram hidden face pose #10, you can go one step further and cover yourself up. Here, you can use your hand, an emoji, or any random object. Get as creative as you want!

Instagram hidden face pose #12: Use a hoodie

One of the best uses of a hoodie is to use it as an object for a really aesthetic hidden face selfie. Cover any half of your face using the hood of your hoodie, or you can even cover up your face entirely. Add a unique touch by making use of a fun and trendy hoodie like the one in the picture above.

Instagram hidden face pose #13: Use a saree

This one is for the saree wearers. Use some portion of your saree to cover up your face in any way that you find appealing. The benefit here is that you will also have other accessories on that will make the picture look good overall.

Instagram hidden face pose #14: Use a book

Book selfie

This next one not only looks fun and interesting, but also tells your audience that you enjoy reading. Pic a good book and use it to cover a bit of your face or then entire face. Go one step further and pick a book that raises curiosity among the viewers. Or use a book that is trending and that will help your post reach more people. This is one of those times where it is perfectly okay to judge a book by its cover :p


And there you have it. We hope that our list of top Instagram hidden face poses are enough to fill you up with ideas for your next post. Stay creative and have fun!

Instagram hidden face pose FAQs

Yes, you can get Instagram followers without revealing your identity. All you have to do is set up an Instagram account focused on a certain specialty and post material that is so amazing that you don’t have to reveal your face.

Did you know that pictures having people in them get 38 percent more likes and 32 percent more comments? Using social media to show your face is a terrific method to establish trust with your followers and an even better approach to interact and engage with them.

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • To upload, choose a photo or video.
  • In the captions section On the bottom left or right side of the keyboard, press the Globe icon.
  • Swipe to see more emojis, including smileys and animals.
  • Choose your favorite and share it!
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