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Hi there. Welcome to my website. My name is Yash Setpal and I am a Digital Marketing Freelancer and SEO Expert in Mumbai with clients all over the world. Do you have a unique business idea that you wish to propagate? If yes, I can help you come up with a solid strategy that is sure to make your brand famous on all possible digital platforms. Not only that, but my services are reliable and super affordable for small businesses.

Digital Marketing Freelancer Services

Be found by the right people.

Search Engine Optimization

Gain top visibility on search for your preferred keywords.
Clear the negativity.

Online Reputation Management

Clear any bad rep your brand has received.
Make your brand stand out.

Social Media Marketing

Reach your preferred market where they are most active.
Pay per result.

Performance Marketing

Pay per sale that has been made, lead that has been generated, or any other goal that has been triggered.
Create a unique presence.

Web Design & Development

Create a unique website that stands out from the competition.
Brand endorsements.

Influencer Marketing

Get the famous people from your industry to talk about your brand and target a select market.

No one-size-fits-all approach

For this DIGITAL MARKETING FREELANCER IN MUMBAI, each client is unique

Every industry, and every business within its respective industry is unique. Thus, if you have reached me, know that it is my job to come up with strategies that help accelerate your online visibility through all the tools available at our disposal.

We conduct customer behavior research, potential audience research, competitor analysis, brand reputation analysis, keyword research, product and service suggestions, blog content research, and a lot more! ONLY after we have gone through with our internal audit points, and believe we can drive in tangible results do we prepare a plan of action and present it to you.

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This Digital marketing Freelancer in Mumbai can skyrocket your brand

FAQs to this digital marketing feelancer

Have you ever considered what it would be like for your company if marketing wasn’t providing it with enough support? It seems like a nightmare, don’t you think? Therefore, it is undeniably essential for a company, product, or service to continually use marketing techniques in order to provide a favourable push for its upward progress. The issue is now, have you begun using digital marketing strategies and techniques to assist your company in the virtual, or online, internet medium? As the pandemic and digitization have severely affected India, the majority of individuals have begun transitioning from conventional to digital methods of marketing. To sum it up, if your brand is in Mumbai and you want to grow your profits at an with great ROI, yes, you do need a Digital Marketing Freelancer in Mumbai.

Individuals now have two alternatives to select from, namely employing an agency or hiring a digital marketing freelancer in Mumbai, as more people have begun to use digital marketing techniques to sell their firms. The vast majority of people choose an entire agency in the belief that such a large workforce can undoubtedly handle their digital marketing demands.

Investing in a freelancer and giving them the services your company needs is a very safe approach since they will have years of expertise and experience from working on several projects of different sizes simultaneously for a long time! Such skills are not necessary for an agency since its staff would consist of a continually shifting group that would be difficult to coordinate and confuse.

An expert freelancer would have the best understanding in it and therefore would develop a highly customized digital marketing approach that precisely suits your goals and expectations, whether the assignment is to optimize the website or to include targeted keywords in the website content.

Another benefit of hiring a digital marketing freelancer like us is that you will just have to pay them a very reasonable charge because they will be providing you with a customised service rather than charging you for the entire marketing package that an agency would push onto you and your company. To complete a “one-time” work cost-effectively, hiring a freelancer would thus be the ideal option. If you have any further tasks at that time, you can still contact the freelancer!